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Advantage NCEFW

Nazareth College of Education for Women offers education of highest quality. The college provides a platform for the teacher trainees to be trained to become the best teachers of the decade. The college helps every teacher trainee to identify their talents and potentials in order to use them effectively and efficiently with the student community. The college provides an excellent infrastructural facility and a sprawling campus. The highly qualified Principal and the dedicated team of faculty members use humane approach to bring out the best from teacher trainees. The encouragement from the management is commendable. In the nut shell, Nazareth College of Education for Women is committed to bring out teacher trainees who are highly passionate, motivated, qualified and well trained in academic, social and personal spheres.

Adimission Open 2019

Apply for B.Ed.

Application forms can be obtained from the college office on payment of Rs.300/- per form.

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