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Nazareth College of Education for Women offers education of highest quality. The college provides a platform for the teacher trainees to be trained to become the best teachers of the decade. The college helps every teacher trainee to identify their talents and potentials in order to use them effectively and efficiently with the student community. The college provides an excellent infrastructural facility and a sprawling campus. The highly qualified Principal and the dedicated team of faculty members use humane approach to bring out the best from teacher trainees. The encouragement from the management is commendable. In the nut shell, Nazareth College of Education for Women is committed to bring out teacher trainees who are highly passionate, motivated, qualified and well trained in academic, social and personal spheres.

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Every day the world presents you with windows of opportunities. This world provides us with two gifts, one is the choice that we can make and the other is the chance that we could have.  Nazareth College of Education for women plays vital role in shaping quality teachers who will help the student community to understand the talents and potential in them and develop the same to meet the needs of the society. The B.Ed trainees are taught with modern teaching methodology and they are trained to contribute substantially to build better India. They undergo a compulsory 40 day teaching practice to apply their learning and teaching skills. The citizenship camp provides a platform for the trainees to build their personality and soft skills. On the whole Nazareth College of Education for Women is focused to evolve better teachers and to build quality human beings.

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Nazareth College of Arts & Science is managed by C & D Educational Trust, registered under Section 12A(a) of IT Act 1961. The following are the members of board of trustees since academic year 2009.

1. Mrs. Chandra David, Founder & Chairperson
Mrs. Chandra David, hails from Nazareth, South India, instituted the Trust in the year 1983. She is a god fearing, committed individual, who started her career as teacher in Mathematics, founded this trust to run and manage Nazareth Group of Institutions.

2. Mr. A N Henry Maris, Secretary & Managing Trustee
Mr. A N Henry Maris, who hails from Thanjavur, South India, is an engineer by profession became an educationist by choice, joined this trust in 1999 to administer and manage the Nazareth Group of Institutions.

3. Mrs. Sophia Maris, Managing Trustee
Mrs. Sophia Maris, who hails from Nazareth, South India, is a highly qualified educationist, joined this trust in 1999 to manage the academics of Nazareth Group of Institutions. The C & D Educational Trust has exemption from Income tax under Section 80G and Section 1023 Clause C of the IT Act.


The history of Nazareth College of Education for Women began in the year 1976, when Mrs. Chandra David the founder trustee of C & D Educational Trust, started a Nazareth Nursery School. Today, the Nazareth School offers education to more than 7000 students. The C & D Educational Trust has also established Nazareth College of Arts & Science in the year 2000. The commitment in the field of education continued by establishing Nazareth College of Education for Women in the year 2006. Nazareth College of Education is a secondary teacher training institution, with the objective of training teachers to perform with commitment the noble profession of teaching. The college is affiliated to TamilNadu Teachers Education University and recognized by the NCTE.


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